Back and more atomic than ever, Atomic Solace has reorganized to more effectively pursue their endeavors of creating eclectic melodic rock with lyrical content.  Joe Ryan and Kyle Moon are able to execute a focused vision they hope may enrich souls and challenge minds. 

                Atomic Solace joined forces at college and soon discovered after one practice and a hugely successful show one week later that this amalgamation of rock just might work. Bonded in musical tastes with their creative processes in tow...they set out on a journey and established themselves as a band that is here to stay with passionate, high intensity shows and culturally inspired songs. 
               The band, previously known as Solace, recorded their first album “Left to Lead” in late 2007 with Phil Weisenberger in Georgetown. Left to Lead was well received, undoubtedly because it took one back to an era where songs were more than just auditory pleasure... they had meaning. The release also lead to a spot on the Crocs Next Step Campus Tour playing shows alongside One Republic and Fabolous. 
               Bigger shows and more fans soon followed. With an invite to play SXSW 2009 in Austin along with a mini tour, the fans were in abundance and yearning for more; Now it was time to head back to the studio. In late 2009, with the help of legendary producer Eric Greedy, Atomic Solace started recording their new EP in Nashville’s own Java Jive Studio. Using the new CLASP system with Chris Estes they were able to achieve that old school tape sound with a brand new technology. 
               In 2010 Atomic Solace continued to gain traction with a successful showcase at the Millennium Music Conference in PA, 21 shows slammed into a 28 day tour, the release of their new EP, a music video, and a week tour with Camplified Summer Camp Tour.  With a return to Millennium Music Conference in 2011, Atomic Solace picked up an assortment of shows in New York City, touring the region through the first months of 2012. 
              Feeling that they had accomplished all they could in their region, Atomic Solace decided it was time to relocate to a region with a thriving music and arts scene and quickly set their sights on Nashville. Since their move they have been refining their act, immersing into the scene, writing a plethora of new material and look forward to introducing Nashville to Atomic Solace. 
Consider yourself invited, may you find your Solace.......